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Steven M. Pettit - Working Dog Studios

  I draw stuff, actual pencil and paper art, or a digital pencil and screen, I then incorporate that art into digital designs for use in a variety of applications. From T-shirts, hoodies and other apparel for retail to advertising and promotional products.

  I come from a big, talented, and creative family. I have been drawing my whole life and became fascinated by graphic design while watching my brother Patrick do graphic design using his own amazing artwork. His memory inspires me every day. 

  I've been working in the screen printing/ad specialties industry for over 20 years. Because I've worked hands on in every step of the process I've been able to develop artwork and techniques that I feel very confident in offering to our customers. I've learned to apply these skills to create many ad specialty and promotional items from business cards to Christmas ornaments. I've also been involved with custom embroidery for several years now and am proud to offer that service to my customers as well. 

  In the last few years I've been lucky enough to work with Heather Vandiver, an absolute powerhouse in organization and logistics. She's likely to be who you talk to for most things other than art or design.

   In my personal life I've been training dogs for a very long time. Through the years these two worlds have intertwined and I have worked on countless logos and designs for events and businesses. These have included many national level events and even a world championship. I've also worked with some great retail partners such as Top Dog Designs, Ray Allen Mfng, and J&J Dog Supply. I'm currently partnering with Custom K9 Creations and am constantly working on new art and developing new products. If you don't see what you're looking for just ask!

How can we help you today?

Whether you are trying to get a great design to promote your business or event, or trying to get uniforms for your employees or team that are a step above the ordinary... we can help. 


DOG LOVERS: Kennels, Breed or Training Clubs. Event Organizers... we can help you look good


SCHOOLS/TEAMS/GROUPS: Why get your stuff from the same places and get the same thing everyone else gets when you can be UNIQUE?


BUSINESSES Big and small. Need uniforms that make you and your employees look good? How about some great shirts to give away to customers or family and friends that will get noticed? Need to get shirts for that company outing or event? How about some great gifts for your customers they will actually want.... you guessed it, we can help.

Want to sell shirts or other products at your event, in your store, or online?

   We are looking for select retail partners to work with. We sell to you wholesale and you avoid any of the trouble and expense of developing products, you hit the ground ready to sell.  

  If you want to start selling shirts or other products to your crowd in your favorite hobby, sport, or activity we may be able to help there too. Make money selling EXCLUSIVE designs to the crowd that you know will share your enthusiasm for whatever cause or activity you that's important to you. Great for fundraising. 

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